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“My a$$ will still look cleaner than your career in 10yrs”- DJ Dimplenipple knocks Ruger

Dj Dimplenipple has blasted Ruger for taking sides with his boss, Dprince after she alleged that he wanted sex before he’ll offer her a job.

The Dj in a previous post narrated that she got an Instagram message from Dprince, requesting for promotion for one of his artistes.

He later asked for her Whatsapp number so they can communicate and finalize the deal. She sent her number, but Dprince asked her to meet him at a hotel in Ikoyi for a further meeting. She turned down the physical invite and demanded a three-way call which resulted in Dprince blocking her on the platform.

Reacting to this, Ruger fumed heavily and vowed to use legal action on her as he called her several unprintable names.

“@djdimplenipple you are the true meaning of a butch and a low life and we go use legal actions deflate that ur rotten yansh hediat. You don too do hook up sotey Dem call you for serious meeting you still think say na hook up”, Ruger wrote.

Responding to this, Dimplenipple blasted Ruger. She called him a cockroach and told him that she doesn’t feel threatened as she’ll be waiting for his lawyer. The DJ also told him that in 10yrs times, her behind which he cussed will still be cleaner than his entire career.

She wrote:

“You this little boy? Is it the same you I saw at the airport that was about 4:3 looking like a roach and you couldn’t even look at my face?

If I slap you you’ll go back to your web. I am awaiting your lawyer’s response and btw my a$$ is cleaner than how your career will look in the next 10yrs.”

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