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“My Colleagues and Producers Outcasted me from the Industry”-Adunni Ade

Actress Adunni Ade has in an interview session, disclosed how her colleagues and producers conspired to outcast her from the Nollywood industry. 

While on TVC, Adunni spoke about how she ended up being blacklisted in the industry because they probably don’t like her or would rather put their own person instead of her. She narrated;

“I just felt like I wasn’t getting called for whatever reason. This industry is so big, it’s so large. At a point where my career should have taken a different direction going upwards after receiving this huge recognition as ‘Best Supporting Actress’ in Africa, everything just went down the hill. I heard stories here and there supposedly what it is that I had done. You have to understand I try not to focus on negativity too much. In every aspect of our workspace, our work life, whatever career you want to choose to be in, you always have issues.

We all encounter so many issues if it’s tribalism, racism, whatever the case may be. Maye your colleague doesn’t like you, he goes and tells the boss lies. So it was so much of that and that affected me because people didn’t even give me a chance to get to know me one-on-one. You’re judging based on what you’ve heard and that’s not cool. So rather than keep waiting, before I get old and grey, I said I’ll put all my money, all my savings, into something magical and I promise Soole is that.

I feel, I might be wrong, that I was outcasted out of the English [industry] I won’t say 100 percent but I have had jobs taken away from me, colleagues who have now become big names yank my name off or make lies to producers and EPs on reasons why they should not give me a job.

Deals, endorsements have been yanked off my feet because they don’t know me or they don’t like me or I am not their person because they would rather put someone that they are cool with who would give them a cut than me who truly deserves it”.

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