My daddy’s death brought me fame – Gianna Floyd

Racism, a word that is common all around the world. Discrimination directed against a person or people commonly found amongst the whites and the blacks.

It is so sad that the color of your skin gets to speak for you and not your innocence, which takes us back to the killing and death of George Floyd.

Born on the 14 th of October 1973, George Perry Floyd Jr. faced his untimely death on the 25th of May, 2020, which led to a massive protest all around the world.

George Floyd (1973-2020)

The 46 year-old was an African American, who grew up in Houston Texas and played football throughout his high school and college years.

No doubt, George was said to have been convicted of eight crimes between the year 1997 and 2005. He was a hip hop artist, a mentor in his religious community and a blue-collar worker.

George Floyd was said to have accepted a plea bargain in 2009, for an aggravated robbery in 2007, which led to him serving four years in prison.

After his time in prison, Mr. Floyd relocated to Minnesota in 2014, where he shuffled between two jobs. A truck driver by day and a bouncer at night. He further got a security job early this year 2020 were he was currently working before he lost it during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

George Floyd is a father of 5, who was killed by a Minneapolis police officer by the name Derek Chauvin, during an arrest for allegedly using fake money to buy cigarettes. “I CAN’T BREATHE” were Georges last words as Derek a white police officer who was carrying out the arrest knelt on his neck for nearly nine minutes.

His death shocked the whole world as prominent celebrities such as; Beyoncé, Usher, Treysongz etc. joined the protest #blacklivesmatter #justiceforgeorgefloyd

Though George Floyd is dead, his name will never be forgotten. Be it as it may, his death has led to his 6-year-old daughter Gianna Floyd, becoming the latest Disney child shareholder.

The great news was made known by George’s daughter Gianna Floyd as she shared it on her Instagram page that she is now the latest shareholder in Disney as the Grammy Award Winner Barbra Streisand gifted her a share in Disney Stock.

According to the American singer Barbra Streisand, her choice to give Gianna Floyd stock in Disney is to show a truly powerful move in solidarity indicating that #blacklivesmatter

Also, Kanye West has shown great interest in Gianna’s life as he is set to cover all expenses throughout her college years. Gianna Floyd also made this known in a post on social media.

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