My Father made us tough’-Yul recounts old memories with Pete Edochie

Yul Edochie walked down the memory lane, hailing his father, Pete for disciplining and toughening them up.

Describing his father as ‘Ebubedike 1 of Africa” and his “man forever”, the movie star stated that his firm and strict nature contributed to moulding him and his siblings.

Yul narrated that as children, all their mother needed to do for them to take their drugs whenever they were ill was to call their father. He said the sight of him standing by the door with a stern look and wielding a belt always did the trick.

He also said as kids, they were extremely scared of their father but that has now been replaced with immense appreciation because he made them tough.

Yul shared a photo of his father via his Instagram page with the caption, “Those days as kids, when we had malaria, my mum could spend so long petting and begging you to take your Nivaquine drugs which were very bitter then. When that style no work, she’ll now send someone to go call Popsi.

Omo, once my Dad comes into the room, standing at the door staring at you with his mean face and his belt in hand, bros you go rush your drugs instantly and be happy after taking them.

And once he’s around, you must take your drugs with water, no matter how bitter it is. No drink for you, just water.

Popsi was strict to a fault. Him no get time to pet you oo. No-nonsense man. Those days we dey fear am. Now I appreciate him so much.

He made us tough. Ebubedike 1 of Africa @peteedochie. I love this man. My man forever.”

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