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“My Mom Said I’m Igbo” – American Singer, Rihanna Reveals

A recent thread of popular American singer, Rihanna being Igbo, started out by ‘Daily Times Nigeria’has been making the rounds on all platforms.

The group arena reported that Rihanna in a recent interview said,  “My mom told me that I am originally from Igbo, Igbo is a tribe in Africa.” A report which has garnered a lot of attention and triggered social media reactions, especially from residents of the southeastern part of Nigeria.

Ignoring the possibility of this report, Netizens have in one way or another claimed family relations with Rihanna. Nigerians were however, delighted to see a prominent celebrity like Rihanna conceding to the fact that she’s an Igbo woman.

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According to Wikipedia, Rihanna is originally from the Caribbean island of Barbados, born in Saint Michael and raised in the country’s capital and largest city, Bridgetown. Her mother, Monica Braithwaite, is of Afro-Guyanese decent while and her father, Ronald Fenty, is of Afro-Barbadian and Irish heritage.

Proving the ‘Igboness’ of Rihanna, a social media user, @thermodynamics commented, “Why are most people here so pained, someone here showed an evidence that majority of the people in Barbados today are Igbos, I went to Wikipedia to confirm it myself and it’s true, we are all humans with different gifts, the gifts comes no matter our tribe or race, any tribe can produce a genius, maybe Lil wayne is a Yoruba man, who knows.

Rihanna’s mother probably knew her history that was why she told Rihanna that she is Igbo.

Any tribe can produce a talented person, we just use tribe and religion to divide ourselves, we are all the same, you know how I know ? We all look alike and think alike, If an Igbo man tells you that his name is Ademola, you would think that he is a Yoruba man, we are all humans and that’s all. That’s the truth.

According to Wikipedia, the people from Barbados are mostly of Igbo decendant, denying it won’t change their history, the truth will always remain the truth, wether you like it or not. Don’t disturb your self she’s an igbo jew.”

This revelation has continued to stir reactions online. See how Netizens are reacting;

News link: https://www.facebook.com/482749575105792/posts/4124987840881929/?app=fbl

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