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Naira Marley’s follower indicates interest in fulfilling his sexual fantasy

Naira Marley has been making the rounds on social media after he revealed his sexual fantasy of sleeping with a mother and daughter together. 

His revelation brought him a lot of criticism from his fellow celebrities and the public in general. His fantasy was called devilish and immoral but he still managed to maintain his stance, insisting that “I have the right, as long as it is legal”.

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Just when we thought the whole tussle had died down, Naira Marley disclosed a personal chat with a follower who indicated an interest in helping him fulfill his sexual fantasy. 

According to the shared screenshots, the 21-year-old follower said she and her mom, 40 are willing to participate, but terms and conditions apply. The lady disclosed that her mother said she won’t participate but will stay to watch them have sex in her bedroom. 

In response, Naira Marley expressed hope of the girl’s mother joining them and also questioned why it must be in her bedroom. 

“I’m sure she will join us… because her body will move naaa haaaa.. okay but why her bedroom? Maybe that’s d boom boom room”, Naira responded. 

Now the question, will Naira actually grant them this request or could this be just another form of internet clouting?

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