NANS Calls for National Protest

The National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, has called on Nigerians to get ready for a day of national protest due to the rise of insecurity, kidnappings, criminal activities, and abductions.
This was revealed in a PRO’s statement, NANS Zone D, Kazeem Israel, on Thursday. He noted that if quick action is not taken to handle Nigeria’s rising insecurity issues, it may result in an irreversible crisis that may end up as an unprecedented humanitarian crisis.

It lamented: “Daily, citizens have been sacrificed as human lives no longer matter in Nigeria.
“The people are being butchered on a daily basis and, most unfortunately, our government has continued to prove to us that they are absent or, rather, that they are overwhelmed with the crisis confronting the Nigeria of today…”
“…under a government whose primary responsibility is to protect the lives and properties of the citizens, kidnappings is going on on a large scale and, our best and brightest people are being killed on a daily basis with the government making no effort to guarantee the safety of the citizens.”

While outlining series of mass abductions under the Buhari-led administration, it said: “One would have expected the Buhari’s government to intensify efforts to get a grip on security and, to also restore trust in key governmental institutions, but, the President will continue to prove to the larger populace that he is incapable.”
“We are saying enough is enough, and we will no longer sit back and allow the mindless killings of Nigerians anywhere and in any manner whatsoever be sustained.

“We shall not sit-back again and allow the daily kidnapping, terrorism and wanton killings Nationwide without showing displeasure, not just through writings but through protest which is also a form of expression.”

Meanwhile, the president has ordered security forces to go into the bushes and shoot whoever they see with sophisticated weapons like AK-47,” he said in the interview.
“He ordered that whoever is seen with terrible weapons at all should be shot immediately.

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