Nengi Reveals She Spent $35k (N19M) On Her 24th Birthday styling and photoshoot

BBNaija star Nengi has disclosed that she spent $35k which is approximately N19M on her styling for her 24th birthday photoshoot a few days ago.

Nengi, who marked her 24th birthday on January 1, 2022, recounted how her birthday shoot was impromptu because she never planned to have any birthday photoshoot for her 24th birthday but had to do it for her fans and loved ones. 

So she called celebrity stylist, Swanky Jerry 3 days to her birthday. According to her, the shoot started around 5 pm and went late into the night. She said that when she saw her outfit and asked for her bill she screamed when she was told it was $35k which is approximately N19M.

Nengi then stated that even though the bill was high after getting a small discount, she never regretted it because looking at how beautiful her outfit is and everything turning out to be what she imagined made her pleased.

Part of her tweets read: “So I’m looking at my amazing outfits, looking at the limited time he had to put everything together and I couldn’t even be mad. He sha gave me a discount (though small) but I do not regret it even a tiny bit coz my outfits were magical.” 

Considering what N19m that Nengi spent on her photoshoot could do in Nigeria, here are some reactions;

kartelder: “All Na Packaging …..#NengiLiar.” 

iamlordwayne: “I hope she made the money back from the pictures or birthday. Or else! It’s not my business.” 

mister___maquez: “Which is the bigger lie, the cost or her age?” 

chikadibia59: “The worst birthday dress I have ever seen. Ps:I love nnegi but that dress was not giving seriously.” 

hrh_olivia_: “Ha I fear who nor fear una for this Instagram .. ahhhh.” 

iamscholarluv: “Onye eriri eri 35k dollars for just styling and photoshoots….Nne Swanky riri gi eri.” 

ajikesheacentre: “All that money for social media.”

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