NGF Moves to End Insecurity

Under the auspices of the Nigeria Governors Forum, NGF, governments have said help is on its way for rising security issues bevelling the country.

Governor Kayode Fayemi, the Chairman of the forum, stated this yesterday while leading a delegation of the forum on a solidarity visit to Governor Aminu Bello Masari in Katsina State. The visit follows the release of the kankara schoolboys last week.

Fayemi said, “It’s a delegation of the Nigeria Governors Forum. You can see me and my brother, governors from Sokoto, our vice-chairman, Kebbi, and Jigawa. All of our colleagues have sent us, 35 of us, to pay a solitary visit to our elder brother, His Excellency, the Governor of Katsina State, Rt. Hon. Aminu Masari.

“We are, of course, understandably concerned by developments in the state, but we thank Allah that all the kids that were abducted from Kankara had been reunited without any mishap.

Fayemi noted that the issue of insecurity is not limited to the North East but also the country. According to him, “the end (to insecurity) is not as far as we all think.”

“We, as governors, are still very concerned about the security situation in the northwest and the entire country. This is almost a daily occurrence, and the governor is spending the resources, both material and human, on this priority issue, which pervades our country’s whole.

The Chairman also extended his regards to the President to ensure that the students were safely returned.

“We want to thank His Excellency, the President for being abreast of the situation and for working closely with the governor of Katsina state in ensuring that the kids were retrieved from the forest in Zamfara with the assistance of the players who were critical to that retrieval- Miyetti Allah, the military, our brother the governor of Zamfara state.

Fayemi noted that poverty is an end itself to be treated across the nation as it births banditry and other cases of violence. He mentioned that young people need to be engaged in providing them with means of livelihood.

“For us the Nigeria Governors Forum, we believe that we not only have to to be tough on banditry, on kidnapping, on criminality generally, but we also have to be tough on the cause of the problem, and socio inequality, poverty are vital issues, and we need to be able to ensure that our states pry away our young people from the merchants of death who are using them as cannon fodder of this criminal brigandage.

“And we can only do that by providing them with alternative means of livelihood and support system that’ll not entice them to these elements that are endangering the whole of our country.

“And this is something that we are committed to as governors in working with Mr. President in working with all our colleagues so that we don’t keep talking about the same thing over and over again.

“We’re all tired, we’re all frustrated that these issues are happening, but we know that with concerted efforts on our part as governors and commitment of the federal government and professional conduct of our security services and our social investment program intensified; we shall see to the end of this criminality, this brigandage in our states.

“So we are here in solidarity with the governor and the good people of Katsina to reassure them, to give them hope that help is on the way and that the end is not as far as we all think.

The Chairman concluded by saying hands will be put together for the reformation of the nation. “We will work together, Insha Allah, and reform our country to peace, to progress, to develop and to prosperity.”

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