Nigeria is under siege-Amachree.

With the rise in security challenges facing the country, a former Deputy Director, Department of State Services, Dennis Amachree, has said politics is restricting security agencies from operating effectively.

The intelligence officer, however, commended the security personnel for the success it has recorded so far. He stressed that more would be achieved if politics are left out, and security personnel can carry out their constitutional duties.

According to him, “One thing I know is that the intelligence community is solid in this country but what impedes them in carrying out some of the jobs they want to do is politics, politicians because when you mix with politics security, then it becomes a big problem,” he said.

“If these agencies are independent on their own, they should be able to do a better job, but when they are under the direction of leaders that are not forthcoming or who don’t think seriously about the whole country, then we have a problem.”

Amachree noted that Nigeria is under siege. He cited that kidnappings, bandits attacks which are the fundamental problems in the country, need to be addressed. He added that the citizens are divided and unpatriotic.
The former DSS Deputy Director revealed that a recent survey carried out in the country shows that only 37 per cent of Nigerians are patriotic, which is very poor.

He lamented over arrests carried out, yet some of the suspects are not being prosecuted, he said.

“When we start to have these different kinds of attitudes of where we came from or whether the herdsmen, bandits are from outside the country or they are unknown gunmen, it is something that we have to put the finger on.

“When these kinds of things happen, people are arrested, nobody is prosecuted or if they are prosecuted, nobody is jailed. Then it becomes a problem whereby we keep on calling names or apportioning blames in the country,” he said.

Nigeria has been facing myriads of security challenges with terrorism in the North-East, banditry activities in the northwest, IPOB activities in the southeast, militancy in the South-South, and calls for secession South-West among others.

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