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Nigerian Crossdresser Bobrisky Takes The Lead In Fans Having Tattoos Of Their Favourite Celebrity On Their Body.

The trend for fans having the name or face of their favourite celebrity as a tattoo on their body is increasing drastically, especially from the camp of Nigerian crossdresser Bobrisky.

The trend started with a fan of Bobrisky drawing a tattoo of his face on her back, which led to Bobrisky rewarding her with one million Naira and a trip to Dubai.

Bobrisky’s fans have jumped on the easy trend to make money from the crosser. The number of followers with either the name or face of the crossdresser on their body part has increased.

More women have tattooed Bobrisky’s name or face on different aspects of their body, without having a second thought.

Counting the number of persons who have tattooed either Bobrisky’s name or face on their body is more than 12. More followers are jumping on the new trend.

We are not sure if all of them get the same reward of one million Naira and a trip to Dubai. Neither can we ascertain for sure if most of the permanent tattoos are permanent of not.

Below are photos os more women tattooing Bobrisky’s name on their body.

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