Nigerian Crossdressers James Brown And Bobrisky Clashes On Instagram.

Nigeria crossdresser James brown has reacted to his once upon a time mentor and model Bobrisky threatening to kill him.

The social media rift between the two crossdressers started when James Brown shared a video saying Bobrisky had called him, asking him to stop creating the content he’s currently posting on Instagram.

Brown alleged that Bob dint stop there, and he threatened to kill him if he doesn’t stop copying his contents on Instagram.

In the video, James concluded that he isn’t surprised at Bobrisky’s action because he knows most people at the top don’t want to see their junior’s 9ones shine above them.

James Brown also revealed in the video that he is not a crossdresser nor gay and that whatever he is doing is just for fun.

He also stated that him dressing like a lady is just for a show on Instagram as he is straight and dresses like a man while going out with his friends.

Watch the video below:

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