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Nigerian Idol Contestant Rejected by Seyi Shay teams up with Paul Cleverly

Torrus, a Nigerian Idol contestant who was unrulily rejected by Seyi Shay, has teamed up with music producer Paul Cleverly to release a new single.

Seyi Shay happened to be one of the judges on the 6th season of Nigerian idol. She was quite unimpressed and turned off my Torrus’ performance that she immediately lashed out at him, telling him he will do well as a songwriter, not a singer because he’s a ‘terrible’ performer.

In her words, “Somebody lied to you. Somebody told you to come here and audition. You should go back and tell them that they aren’t your friend because that was not a good audition. You have a sweet-talking voice and it comes out in your singing voice but your performance is terrible. You are never going to make money being a singer. I love you, you are so sweet but you are not a singer. You are not a singer.

For songwriting, hit me up, we could talk but that singing, it is not going to work. Sorry Darling”.

The then 17-year-old Nigerian Idol contestant condemned by Seyi Shay said he was broken emotionally and psychologically. Seyi however received a lot of tackling and criticisms for her harsh judgement while she insisted that she was just being objective.

Well in the latest development, Torrus teamed up with a popular online comic beat producers, Paul Cleverly who admitted that he saw potentials in the young man. Cleverly said he was contacted to do a comic mash up with his audition at Nigerian idol but he didn’t see his performance as “terrible” as Seyi described it to be so he decided to do a proper music production for him instead.

The duo teamed up to release a new song titled‘No Excuse’. Cleverly posted a video via his Instagram page, asking fans to support his talent.

Cleverly wrote;

“Remember him??? @iamtorrus. Some people tagged me to do a comic music\video mashup from his audition. But i saw potentials that needed nurturing and I can say for sure this is a young confident teenager who is open to learn.

So i decided to do a proper music production for him while guiding him on some necessary details.

And I’d appreciate if you guys can show your support for this young man that is just chasing too. He will need your encouragements in any means that you can offer; sponsorships for a music video to promotions etc.”

In my opinion, not a bad song. My thoughts tho”.

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