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Nigerian Navy finally release Comedian Cute Abiola

It has been brought to the public notice that Comedian Abdulgafar Ahmad, aka Cute Abiola has been released after two weeks in detention.

Cute Abiola was declared missing on Monday, November 15, 2021, as he couldn’t be found after reporting at his office in Navy Town, Lagos.

However, the Nigerian Navy later confirmed that the comedian was in its detention for violating the armed forces’ social media policy.

The Navy noted that the comedian also failed to show up when called upon to explain himself but only returned after the expiration of his leave on November 15, 2021, and was put behind bars the same day.

However, following weeks in detention, Mr Macaroni in response to numerous questions regarding Abiola’s state, took to Twitter to assert that he’s still in detention and can only be seen by his wife and mother.

He wrote:

“A lot of people have been asking me about Cute Abiola. I don’t have much information as only his Wife and Mother are allowed to see him. And I do not want to speak much on the matter so that my statement isn’t taken in bad faith. But last I checked he is still in custody.

His wife told me personally that she and his mom are granted access to see him. The Nigerian Navy has said that he is in custody for breaching some codes and refusing to obey order. As a military officer, he is answerable to their command and under their jurisdiction.

This isn’t a new thing in the Military. But as a public figure, Cute Abiola has millions of followers worldwide hence the reason for the consistent concern from his fans and friends.

We can only continue to send our best wishes to him.”

In a recent update however, Pulse reported that Cute Abiola had been released from naval detention to serve his punishment. 

Also while speaking with The PUNCH on Friday, Naval spokesperson, Commodore Suleman Dahun, maintained that Ahmad knowingly violated the armed forces’ social media policy but was given a punishment after he was tried for misconduct and indiscipline. He also confirmed that Abiola has been released to serve his punishment.

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