Nigerian Rapper Vector De Viper Dishes Out Advice To Single Women On How To Get Rid Of Men Who Can’t Keep Their Hands To Themselves.

Nigerian rapper Vector De Viper has come out to advise single ladies on what to do to men who won’t stop touching them.

The father of two, who welcomed his first child with his girlfriend, took to his Twitter handle to tell single ladies to get a teaser to use on such men who can’t keep their hands to themselves. He tweeted:

“Dear single woman, if men won’t stop touching you, get a taser. Make sure it’s one of those that doubles as another thing (like keyholder). The results will be shocking henceforth.

“If he says na mistake, you self go say you no know when e shock am.”

“This lesson is something men was forced to understand about life. If no one will help you, help yourself. If it’s okay for you to shocked by their act, it’s okay for them to be shocked by yours too.”

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