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Nigerian Singer Tems Narrates Her Uganda Arrest.

Few moments after Omah Lay posted about his safe return home, Temilade Openiyi, otherwise known as Tems, finally released a statement about her safe return home.

In a lengthy post shared on her social media pages, the try-me singer narrated her experience from the event on Saturday, December 12. The statement reads:

“on Saturday, December 12, 2020, I was scheduled to perform with omah lay at the big brunch: afro-beats edition organized by Kasana events in Kampala, Uganda. When we arrived, we were met with such a warm reception, including press events promoting the event. This promotion, alongside the safety terms outlined in the performance agreement, and the presence of authorities at the event, assured us that necessary approvals had been fully met by the organizers to ensure a safe and compliant event in Kampala.”

“I’m truly saddened that attendees could have possibly been exposed to covid-19. I would have never participated had I even the slightest knowledge that the event would not meet standard operating procedures and put Uganda’s citizens at risk. The seriousness of covid-19requires responsibility from everyone as a world citizen, a responsibility I take very seriously.”

While addressing her 48 hours of starvation during the arrest, the no damages singer stated that she has eaten. She said that she is very thankful to the Nigerian and Ugandan government and everyone behind the scenes who played a part in resolving the matter.

“I am thankful to the Nigerian and Ugandan government and everyone behind the scenes who played a part in resolving this matter. I want to especially appreciate my rebel gang. Honestly, you all keep surprising me with the consistent love you show me.

“The number of supportive tweets posts, and messages are overwhelming. Thank you all for having my back and yes, I have eaten. To my amazing fans in Uganda, I absolutely love you! Thank you so much for all your love and support, it has really touched my heart. I hope we can meet again in the future.”

Speaking on her experience while being detained, tems talked about how she met amazing women that have opened her eyes to strife and hurt other women are going through. She wrote:

“This past week has been difficult but extremely eye-opening for me. I know some may have been worried, but despite everything, this experience has helped me see things for myself.”

“While I was being detained, I met some amazing women and children, and my eyes were opened to strife and hurt a lot of women are going through. I am so blessed to have experienced the strength and bravery that these women possess to keep them going. I have newfound compassion and desire to be more involved in making life easier for people such as these, no matter the circumstance.”

“Overall, I am extremely grateful for all the love, the enormous efforts, and full-blown support. Honestly, words truly cannot describe how it feels to be back home.” She added.

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