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Nigerians Decides: Burna Boys Bags Album Of The Year 2020.

Finally, the long-awaited album “a better time” by Davido has dropped, and Nigerians can’t help but conclude the 2020 album of the year.
Of a truth, the competition and tension were high on whose album will beat whose, and from the look of things, Nigerians are for the very first time, in the history of their favorites dropping albums, agreeing in one voice that one particular album pulled more weight than the rest.


You’ll recall that in the spirit of dropping albums this year (2020), the first musician to have dropped an album was Burna Boy, which lots of Nigerians talked about for a very long period of time. starting his album name “Twice As Tall”, to his album cover, and finally, the tracks on the album. Not to mention his comic book and merch that was released alongside.

No doubt, Burna’s album created a standard that most Nigerians feared that their favorites cannot hit his bar or standard which from the trends on social media happens to be true.


Well, the second musician that dropped an album that though didn’t really make many waves but was worth every download was Olamide with his album “Carpe Diem”.

Though most Nigerians had their issues with him not going international, that didn’t change the fact that he had hit songs on his album and still has his fans, and they will always be there for him.


Next is Wizkid. Obviously, Nigerians had a breath of fresh air when Starboy finally dropped his “Made In Lagos” album. After much wait and anticipation from different dates of which the album was to drop, the album finally dropped, and behold everybody had something to say about it.

Some with the opinion that they love the fact that he didn’t go his normal route on the mil album, others felt he should have given his fans the kind of music they know him for and not the RnB and soul music he dished out.

But then, that didn’t change the fact that the album got the accolades it truly deserved, as many saw the album to be Wizzy going off his comfort zone and wowing his fans.


Finally, album number 4, another anticipated album we waited for, for so long, A better time by Davido. Though no one thought Davido would drop an album this year, as they didn’t drop hints if his fans should be expecting one or not. As a matter of fact, Davido ones posted that his fans should not expect an album from him this year, as he doesn’t have the intention of dropping any.

Well, looks like OBO lied to us after all, as he first dropped a hit song fem, which was an anthem for the DMW gang and of cause lots of Nigerians.

In light of expecting Davido’s album A Better Time, which dropped early hours of today November 13th, 2020, Davido’s album has received lots of backlashes, especially to the fact that the album was overhyped.

After all said and done, and after much wait on albums from Nigerian top musicians, Nigerians have finally concluded on their album of the year 2020, which goes to Burna Boy “Twice As Tall”, as no album was set to have beat the standard Burna’s set for his colleagues.

Like we earlier said, this is the very first time, Nigerians are agreeing with one voice when it comes to supporting their favorites on who deserves what and who doesn’t. Saying Burna Boy’s Twice As Tall is album of the year.

Well, check out most of the Nigerians top 4 albums of the year below:

We’ll also love to hear your own thoughts, who do you think deserves album of the year 2020.
A) Burna Boy
B) Wizkid
C) Olamide
D) Davido

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