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Nigerians Gush Over Denola Grey’s Dress Sense

Nigerian most promising actor DENOLA ADEPETUN popularly known as DENOLA GREY, born on the 13th of August, in Lagos State Nigeria, had his primary and secondary education in Green Spring Schools, Lagos. He graduated from Baylor University in Texas, where he bagged his Bachelor’s Degree in Media Business and there after spent a year at Oxbridge Tutorial College studying Fashion.

Denola Grey has been trending on all social media platforms with the hashtag #DENOLA as regards his dress sense, which has been causing lots of comparisons with him and other male celebrities to which some say he’s the best dressed Nigerian male celebrity and on earth while others think he’s not attractive and he’s just overrated and obviously not the best dressed in the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Denola who hails from Ondo State, is an Actor, a Writer, a Media Personality and a Fashion Consultant, no doubt, has in every way shown his love and passion for fashion as he perfects every strikes and poses each time the camera comes on.

Denola is an amazing actor who always shows his high fashion sense in almost all of his movies as he fits into character perfectly. Take for example; #BLINGSLEGOSIANS amongst others.

He is someone who started fashion at the age of 18, has worked with various consulting agencies, took a year studying fashion, has identified and worked with prominent media houses as well as reputable personalities in the entertainment industry such as RMD, EKU EDEWOR etc. He has written series of style tips for men in various magazines.

Denola Grey is obviously an amazing fashion icon most youths look up to and he has proven to be the best at what he does.

One thought on “Nigerians Gush Over Denola Grey’s Dress Sense

  • Most of us have great fashion sense its just money that is the problem in this part of the world.
    In developed countries you can’t say just one guy is the best when it comes to fashion because everyone has the money to look good and be fashionable

    just my opinion sha!


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