Nigerians Hails Vic O For Blasting Mi In A Rap Battle.

Looks like Nigerian rapper Victor Ncha Odu professionally known as Vic O. just got his biggest comeback in the Nigerian music industry after he has been away for a while.

The truth is, no one ever took Vic O. seriously in the music industry just like they still do not take Speed Darlington seriously to date.

Well, Vic O. and speed Darlington has also been placed side y side, as they were being tagged birds of a feather that flock together. But looks like that lines will be changing from now, as Vic O. might have just stolen the heart of most Nigerians after he dared mi for a rap battle bragging that mi is afraid of accepting his rap challenge cause he’s afraid of him holding the mic in front of him cause he’s the music messiah.

M.i upon seeing Vic O’s tweet replied to him accepting the challenge, which got lots of people talking as they saw it as a joke that Vic O. was daring mi, wishing and asking him not to accept the challenge as he was no match for him.

The rap battle finally took off, after mi asked Vic to start while he’ll respond to him, which might not have ended well for him as it looks like Vic O. didn’t fail his fans at all, as they were super proud of him, saying he nailed mi from start to finish.

But most of MI’s fans thinks Vic O’s lines/ bars was all lame and has no content.

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