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Nkechi Blessing’s Ex, Opeyemi Apologizes For Outburst, Says He’ll Quit Social Media

After dragging his now-estranged lover to film, Opeyemi Falegan has decided to be the bigger person. He apologized for his recent outbursts on social media and is also considering quitting the platform for the sake of his sanity.

In an Instagram post, Falegan Falegan tendered an apology to the public for his outburst as he blamed it on persistent questioning by the media.

He also stated that he will be leaving social media till further notice, likewise maintaining his silence because silence is golden.

In his words,

“I wanna apologize for my outburst yesterday due to the flame at the moment, some pieces of information were shared cos everyone wanted to look or sound right (appeal to pity or petito either true or lies).

Some bloggers contacted me and wanted to know if I was married or not and some information were known yesterday.

I wanna tell everyone that I will be leaving social media till further notice, have decided to remain quiet as silence is golden. When love comes is always like a dream but when it goes like a night mare”.

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