NLC Throws Weight Behind Peter Obi’s Presidential Bid

The Nigerian Labor Congress has said It would organise its members in all 774 local government areas of the country to support Peter Obi, the candidate for president of the Labour Party, in the upcoming election.

This was said on Monday at the NLC’s national retreat in Abuja by Ayuba Wabba, the party’s national president.

“One issue that we must take very serious is actually conscientising our members and also Nigerians because Nigeria is so much divided along many primordial interests and many interests that are self-centred that we need to address,” he said while speaking about how the party can achieve its objectives and better Nigeria.

“No country in the world can prosper and work in unity if the country is so divided. So one of the responsibilities of Labour Party is to unite Nigerians along a common goal of development and prosperity,” he said.

On the grounds that it lacked the necessary organisation, opponents of the Labour Party and its presidential candidate frequently discounted Mr. Obi’s chances of winning the election. But Mr Wabba does not doubt the structures in place.

“Let us organise at all levels. Let us send a message at all levels. I assure you that as Britain did in 1945 when all the structures were won by the Labour Party and recently… Australia also did the same,” he said.

The NLC President added, “It’s not that we don’t have structures; human beings are the structures. It is to activate the structures and put them to use. It’s just like a weapon in military circles. You service them when the need arises.

“So the need has (arisen) for all the structures of the political commission of both TUC and NLC to be activated in all the 774 local governments. Importantly, also the structures of all our affiliates, both TUC and NLC, membership together is 12 million.”

The NLC President defended the country’s young in his speech, stating that they are not lazy and that several governments have failed them.

Young people in the country are known to have given Mr. Obi a sizable following, and Mr. Wabba thinks that their support is essential to both his success and the future of the nation.

“I am so happy that the youths have aligned themselves with the structures and the struggles of the working class – we, their parents – because we are parents to the students and the youths because they realise that agonising alone without organising cannot take us anywhere,” he said.

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