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“Nobody Should Blame Maria For Snatching Another Woman’s Husband”- Actress Charity Nnaji

While everyone has something to say on the ongoing Cubana-Maria saga, Nollywood Actress, Charity Nnaji is of the opinion that Maria shouldn’t be blamed for the current controversy because “How you present your wife and family in front of your side chic matters a lot”.

It will be recalled that Cubana Chiefpriest recently called out Maria Benjamin for having an affair with his sister’s husband and also sending her threatening messages.

Cubana Chiefpriest also revealed that Maria’s recent flaunt of dollars, Range Rover and wristwatch a few days ago was done to spite Cubana’s sister.

Cubana wrote:

“@grandfish1 @lam_lolofish_27 I Get Dollars For You, I Get Pounds For You, There Is Nothing Sweeter Than Family, Wives Stay Woke Girls Like @mariachikebenjamin Are Coming For Your Husbands, She Stole My Sisters Husband As If That’s Not Enough She Is Sending Her Threats, That I Won’t Let It Slide, Kelvin I Dey Find Una Come That Dubai Nothing Must Happen To My Sister”.

In a rejoinder post, he wrote ;

“@mariachikebenjamin How On Earth Will You Threaten A Married Woman Who Has A Male N Female Offspring To Leave Her Husband For You Or Die, You Dey Show Person Husband Watch N Car To Pepper Her, Kelvin Am So Ashamed Of You, All Of Us Dey Street, You No Carry Woman Pass Anybody But We Can Never Make Home Miserable For Our Woman To The Point A Side Chick Calls Your Wife To Threaten Her Life, If  What You Re Doing Is Right Why Are You Covering Your Face In Shame In This Video, My Own Na Make Nothing Happen To My Sister, Okwa Mmadu Nwe Ogodo Ewu Na Ata, If Anything Happens To My Sister”.

Reacting to this, actress Charity Nnaji said that nobody should blame Maria because how a man presents his wife and family in front of your side chic matters a lot and if the man keeps presenting them like grass, then goats will eat them up. 

In her words; “Nobody should blame Maria. How you present your wife and family in front of your side chic matters a lot. If you keep presenting them like grass goat will eat them up.”

Cubana’s allegations come after Maria turned down cash gifts from her fans in Ghana. Now Netizens have linked her rejection to the ongoing controversy, alleging that she gets enough cash flow from her sugar daddy, hence the reason she rejected her fan’s cash gift.

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