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Nollywood Actor Wole Ojo Calls Out Relationship Advisers In Nigeria.

Nollywood actor Wole Ojo has reacted to most Nigerians becoming marriage counselors overnight. The actor who broke into the Nigerian scene in 2009, after winning the fourth edition of the Amstel Malta Box Office reality show, took to his Instagram story to pen a few words down for relationship advisers.

Wole stated that there are too many people in Nigeria who are giving relationship advice, and most of them have no idea or experience in that area at all.

He further went on to say that those who are claiming to be relationship advisers should have at least 10 years of experience in a relationship before giving out advice to others. He wrote:

“Too many dating/relationship tips online from broken and single idiots!”

Sharing the screenshot from his story, he wrote:

“Be successful at it 1st! At least over 10 years then come back and talk! And if yours was horrible, share a humbling experience to educate people on how not to do it, not come online to spew bitterness! I SAID WHAT I SAID!”


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