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Nollywood Actress Chacha Eke Welcomes Baby Number 4, Debunks Rumors About Leaving Her Husband.

Looks like Chacha Eke is not giving up on her marriage anymore. You’ll recall that we reported that Chacha ones shared a video of herself saying she is going through a lot in her marriage and that she has had enough and want to move on with her life as she is tired of the marriage.

We also told you that, Chacha was admitted to the hospital, as she shared a video and photo on social media saying she is suffering from bipolar, which many celebrities reacted that it is as a result of domestic violence and that she needs to open up so they will be able to help her.

Chacha’s brother Aik Eke also reacted to the video of her saying she has bipolar, saying Chacha is doing just fine and that nothing was wrong with her.

Well, Chacha has finally reacted to her brothers post, revealing in a recent video that she is pregnant with her 4th child, blaming it on her having bipolar disorder.


In the video, Mrs. Faani was seen asking her colleagues who once showed interest in her health to stay out of her marriage as she is not leaving the marriage anytime soon, stating that, whatever was said in her first video were as a result of her mental illness.

She also went on to give a sound warning to her brother Aik Eke, telling him that he has no right to venture into her personal life and should stay away from whatever that has to do with her marriage.

In the video shared, the actress showed bottles of pills proving that she has bipolar, stating that, her husband has never laid his hands on her before, and that, the only reason she made the first video saying she was done with her marriage, was that she was asked by her husband to take and pills and she refused, which led to her getting angry and making the video she did that went viral

To prove she and her husband are on good terms, the actress shared a couple of photos of herself and her husband wearing sunglasses covering their eyes.

Well looks like things are back to normal with the couple and we hope she recovers fully.

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