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Nollywood Actress Etinosa, Educates Africans On Who A Strong Woman Truly Is.

Nollywood actress and comedienne Etinosa took to her Instagram page to react to a strong woman’s definition.

In a video shared, the mother of one stated  that when Africans talk about a strong woman, “they are referring to women willing to endure sufferings, maltreatment, and disrespect.”

She questioned why successful women who are breaking barriers while refusing to be disrespected or maltreated are not the ones referred to as strong women.

She finally concluded that we need to improve on the definition of a strong woman in our African society.

In her words;

“There’s one nonsense thing that they do in this society that I don’t like. It’s as if they use to measure the strength of a woman, and they use to measure the virtuousness of a woman by the suffering that she can endure.”

sharing the video, she wrote:

“Strong Woman??

“The definition of ‘strong woman’ in this our African society needs to improve TBH byyyeeeeeee.”

Watch video below;

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