Obi Reaffirms Commitment to Raising Productive Youths

In order to transition the country from consumption to production, Peter Obi, the Labour Party’s presidential candidate, has reaffirmed his commitment to creating a productive society based on the growth of youth. He argued that youth’s youthful energy, skills, and potential were essential components.

Obi stated his steadfast commitment in his International Youth Day Message.

He asserted that without the support of the young people, whose future was, in his opinion, being harmed by the country’s poor governance, the dream of saving the country from leadership failure would not be realised.

“Everywhere you go in the world, the youths have always championed societal paradigm shifts. The political awakening you notice among Nigerian youths today signifies their hunger and desire for a better nation that represents their interests,” Obi said.

He lamented the numerous obstacles that young people in Nigeria face, including the high rate of youth unemployment, limited or no access to financing for small businesses, and a lack of quality education, as evidenced by the ongoing strikes that have engulfed Nigeria’s public universities, among other things.

The rising levels of insecurity and violence, an incredibly unproductive workforce, and the unmatched level of drug abuse that is currently pervasive in the nation, according to his argument, are all symptoms of the neglect of youth development that is now adding to the problems facing the country.

Obi expressed hope in the new Nigeria, where people’s talents and skills will match their opportunities in life.

“I have always maintained that the society we abuse today will take its revenge on us tomorrow. One cannot expect peace and progress in a nation where more than half of the large youth population does not know where their next meal will come from. Our students have been at home for over five months due to the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, strike.

“That is not the kind of future we want to build for our young people,” Obi submitted.

He challenged the administration to create a country that gives its people hope, especially the young people. He argued that Nigeria would continue to slog along in growth and development if the government continued to turn a blind eye to the aspirations of its young people.

Obi wished Nigerian youngsters well on their celebration of International Youth Day and urged them to maintain good morals and conduct while making their fair share of contributions to the nation’s development.

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