Okonkwo Backs Obi-dients

The Labour Party’s Peter Obi has been endorsed by Nigerian youngsters to end the yoke of corruption in the nation, according to Annie Okonkwo, a senator from the Anambra State.

Okonkwo said this on Tuesday evening in Los Angeles, California, during the Obi reception he presided over.

This information was provided to The PUNCH on Saturday in a statement from Collins Steve Ugwu, Okonkwo’s media advisor.

Okonkwo said that God and man had selected Obi to retake Nigeria during his speech at the Beverly Hilton, attended by people from around the world.

“To take back Nigeria to work for Nigerians is a task which time has come, and the reason every guest is here to hear Peter, whom God and man have found fit and ready to do the tough job,” Okonkwo said.

He added, “I state with responsibility and civic experience, that given the fever of excitement to this unique team, never seen in our recent campaign history, our energetic youths have ‘anointed’ Peter to break the yoke of corruption and senile leadership in Nigeria, and that shall be done deservedly.

“Leadership afflictions and corruption insanity are pulling people together around the ‘mantle of fidelity in governance’ that Obi has raised and preserved. That is a great cause to support proudly.

“But I must caution that there are works to be done and keep doing to assure the guaranteed outcome is accomplished.”

Okonkwo, who served as the Anambra Central constituency representative from 2007 to 2011, said he could vouch for Obi’s ability to lead the nation.

He said, “I was a Senator in a different party; same time in Anambra state when Obi was governor, and I can confirm that the state is, unarguably, the toughest state to govern in Nigeria.

“Yet Obi raised the bar of governance by making integrity, character and prudence his unshaken performance parameter.

“The results became so visibly commonplace that nobody was clapping because he had no ‘shishi’ for celebrations. That is the state with the highest concentration of billionaires in Nigeria, with a poor tolerance for attitudes in the gallery.

“He was labelled and sneered at, kicked and knocked viciously, but the Rock (Okute) kept focus.

“Today, Nigerians have recognised him as the thermometer for accountable governance.

“He has remained the same and constant, only better and improving. Nigeria is bigger than Anambra, but the challenges are not bigger than his experience. That is why they want him, and that is why they will have him.”

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