Okorocha Calls Nigerians to look out for a leader who cares for them

The lawmaker representing Imo West district in the National Assembly, Senator Rochas Okorocha, has called on Nigerians to look out for a leader who cares for them and can make the country’s unity stronger.

 Okorocha said based on his antecedents, Nigerians believe in his capability to unite the country. He will enhance the unity of Nigeria if he is given a chance to rule the country.

According to him, “Most Nigerians believe in me because of some of the key issues I have raised – which ranges from the unity of this country, for us to enhance the unity of this country; I can do that, and Nigerians believe me for that.”  

“They believe that when Rochas says he will unite the country if made the president, he will do so, primarily because of my track records or what I have done across the whole nation. I don’t segregate tribe or religion; I only see Nigeria,” the lawmaker said.

The former Imo state governor recalled that when he was a governor, he set himself apart from all others in serving his people. He added that before he was governor and afterward, he showed a great love for the masses and the country.

“I have been able to prove that I have a compassionate heart, that I care, and I love this country – especially the needy, the poor, the widows. I have been able to listen to their cries through my foundation.

“I have done a lot across the nation, irrespective of tribe or religion. I do not see tribes, and I see Nigeria,” he said.

The senator further noted that if elected president, he will replicate the successes he achieved when he was the governor of Imo State.

He stressed that one major priority would be to ensure that education is accessible for every child regardless of their tribe or religion.

“First and foremost, the 14.5 million out-of-school children in Nigeria, I will, first of all, adopt them as my children, so that I will send them back to school, even if I have to sacrifice everything.”

Speaking further, the senator said as president, and he will use his “Youth Must Work” imitative to make youth employable.

He added that his administration would adopt a “Community Government” system that would empower traditional rulers to play a vital role in governance.

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