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Olamide Reveals What Made Him Sign Fireboy DML

Olamide in a chat with OkayAfrica said that he was done with signing artists until he met his current protege, Fireboy DML. He said Fireboy’s musical talent is incomparable and that’s one of the reasons he signed him.

Hours after Olamide and Fireboy DML arrived in New York on their current promo tour, they got into a chat with OkayAfrica’s Nadia Neophytou and Fireboy DML recalled the first time he met Olamide and remarking that a rapper is indeed a man of few words. When asked if he remembered the first time he met with Olamide, Fireboy said;

“I remember. Because that was a big moment for me. I met him for the first time in person at a hotel in Lekki. We exchanged a few words — he’s a man of few words. But I think we started recording that same day, working on the album.”

Olamide was also asked why he not only decided to sign Fireboy DML but made him his mentor instead. He replied;

“It’s the sound. Still today, for me, it’s still the same. There are so many young artists out there but they’re nothing compared to the kind of music Fireboy makes. It’s just way beyond his age. I think Fireboy is 57 years old [Fireboy laughs out loud]. He writes like an old man. He’s one of those few people that I learn from sometimes. Like, ‘what does this dude think about when he’s writing?”

Fireboy had earlier revealed to VULKAN Magazine that he was going to be a regular guy until he found himself in the Studio. Speaking to VULKAN Magazine, Fireboy shared that his family wasn’t that into music. It wasn’t long after he started listening to artists like Elton John and Celine Dion before he started getting musically inclined. He also revealed that he was probably going to end up as a regular guy until one day when he entered the studio. In his words;

“My life was probably going to end up as a regular guy’s life until I found myself in the studio one day and made my first song,. Since then it’s been music for me”.

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