Omah Lay Vows Never To Go Back To His Past, As He Drops His EP “Get Layd”

Nigerian fast-rising singer Omah Lay has reflected on his post from the last year 2019. The singer took to his Twitter page, announcing the release of his ep “GET LAYD” that has got everyone talking stated that, by this time last year, he was holed up in his tiny room singing his guts out, not knowing if people would ever hear or even appreciate his songs. He twitted:

“This time last year I was holed up in my tiny room singing my guts out, not knowing if people would ever hear or even appreciate these songs.”

Well, just as Burna Boy sang in his song, time flies like a thief in the night, in just a space of few months, the name Omah Lay is on everyone’s lip, he is now being compared with other top names that have been in the industry before him. The 23-year-old singer went on to say that fast forward to a few months later, those songs he sang in his tiny room has been put together as his latest ep “get layd”. He wrote:

“Fast forward a few months later, those songs came together to become an EP titled ‘Get Layd’ and that shit changed my life!!!”

Well, It is not surprising that lots of people are rooting for him to win the rookie, next rated, or artist of the year awards. Even the “bad influence” singer cannot get over the fact that he is now on everyone’s lips as he sees himself everywhere. He tweeted:

“I see myself everywhere, hear myself everywhere, feels great! Everything I ever wished for…”

“But with it went the simple things of life I miss being Stanley!!! Got me asking myself sometimes WHAT HAVE WE DONE???!!! Don’t mind me, this shit is still new to me.”

The 23-year-old singer who grew up in the city of Port Harcourt, has no doubt wowed everyone with his good tunes, since his first release, as he also testified to that, acknowledging the fact that he thinks he has grown since his last single dropped, and went on to announce that his ep “what have we done” drops soon.

“I like to think that I have grown since the last time you heard from me and I’m sure you’d hear that from my music.”

“I have a new EP out at midnight. It’s titled ‘What Have We Done’. “

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