On-Air Personalities Toolz And Latasha Clashes On Social Media.

On-air personality Toolz Oniru-Demuren shared a post on Instagram, which media personality Latasha Ngwube was not having it at all and reacted.

Before her faceoff with Latasha Toolz shared a couple of tweets discussing the issue of those who falsely accuse people of rape facing harsher penalties.

Read tweets below:

“As someone who is deeply against sexual assault in any form, (in fact I would gladly vote for rapists to be castrated with no anaesthetic) I think its time to make sure people who falsely accuse others of sexual assault face harsher penalties. (1)”

“Its disgusting and downright evil to falsely accuse someone of such a barbaric crime out of revenge or any other reason. Its also a huge slap in the face for real victims. (2)”

“When these situations hit social media or the blogs, the noise after the initial accusation is so much louder than when the accusation is proven to be false. Unfortunately the aftermath of this is that you have an innocent person with an irreversibly damaged reputation. (3)”

“How many blogs actually make sure they correct their initial story? (4)”

“As a mum of 2 boys, who will be taught the importance of consent, I’ve thought about how damaging a false accusation could be for them (God forbid that ever happens) Lastly, should people be able to anonymously accuse someone of sexual assault? (5)”

Media personality Latasha Ngwube was not having it with Toolz as she reacted to her post in the comment section on Instagram.

Latasha stated “False rape accusation is condemnable and destroys life but later pointed out that false rape accusations do not compare to the many cases of victims who speak up yet do not get justice.

She added that “women who allegedly falsely accuse men are opening a door that will eventually do more harm than good.

The odds are already not in favor of the abused survivors. A clever rapist can simply take advantage of the loopholes.”

See Toolz and Latasha’s responses below:

After going back and forth, Tools and Latasha finally came to familiar grounds.

“We need a system of justice that works, rape kits at the lowest levels so that it’s easily accessible, guaranteed safety of witnesses free from intimidation, and better forensic training on evidence collection.” Toolz added.

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