Onuesoke Faults Twitter Ban

The former governorship aspirant, Chief Sunny Onuesoke, has said the Federal Government’s ban of Twitter is a show of shame, adding that the All Progressives Congress, APC has lost focus and trying hard to use the social media to cover up its failure.

Onuesoke stated this on Thursday while speaking to newsmen at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

According to him: “it is the height of insensitivity, an afront against the fundamental human rights of Nigerians, an act of crass recklessness and a worrying sign of a ruling party that has lost focus on governance and looking for scapegoats as the sacrificial lamb.

“It’s becoming more glaring to all that the APC led Federal Government has lost grip of the architecture of governance and at every slightest opportunity seek for ways to apportion blame on whoever or whatever it can lay hand on, not minding the social-economic implications and consequences of its actions.

“I don’t see why a reasonable ruling party would wake up one morning and gave an order banning Twitter operation in Nigeria because of the personal miscommunication of an individual President, trampling on the rights of over 200 million Nigerians.

“Is Twitter the cause of hunger and starvation in the land? Did Twitter make us the world headquarters of extreme poverty? Or was it Twitter that plunges our nation to double-digit inflation for the past six years? Maybe Twitter is responsible for the spate of bloodletting, ethnic cleansing, killing spree, kidnapping, banditry and insecurity of lives and properties currently ravaging the four corners of our nation”.

Onuesoke further called on patriotic Nigerians to help save the country from the brink of total collapse, adding that if the country is left in the hands of the Buhari/APC led government, it would collapse.

“The time has come for patriotic Nigerians to rise to the occasion to salvage what is left of us as a country. Nigerians must realise that the ruling party they entrusted with the responsibility of governance has gone beyond incompetence.

“It has become irresponsible, insensitive and hydra-headed monster that would stop at nothing but run this country to the ground by destroying every fabric that is holding us together through its pursuit of divisive and anti-people agenda to cover up for its failure and abysmal performance as a ruling party”.

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