Onwusibe Backs E-voting

The Lawmaker representing Isiala Ngwa North State Constituency at the Abia State House of Assembly, Ginger Onwusibe, has charged the ruling All Progressives Congress not to attempt rigging the 2023 election his constituency.

Onwusibe stated this while reacting to the rejection of electronic transmission of results by the APC during the 53rd birthday celebration by the member representing Isialangwa North and South at the National Assembly, Darlington Nwokocha.

According to him, the ruling party is against the electronic transmission of results “because they want to rig the 2023 general elections.” He noted, however, that they cannot succeed in Isialangwa North.

The Lawmaker stressed that the world is advancing, and as such, one needs to follow the trend. Therefore he sees no reason why the party is opposing the advancement.

He stressed that he supports the process and would do everything to advance it.

Onwusibe added that it is only by e-voting that leaders who are not doing well can be voted out, and therefore the process should be adopted for the 2023 general elections.

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