Osinbajo Prepared to Face Challenges of Leadership and Nation-Building

Vice President and Presidential aspirants of the All Progressive Congress in the coming general election, Yemi Osinbajo, has said his experiences under his principal, President Muhammadu Buhari, in the last seven years had prepared him to face any challenge of leadership and nation-building. Osinbajo stated this Friday while addressing Oyo State party delegates and members at Civic Center in Ibadan, the state capital.

The vice president said he had gained a lot of experience, which will guide him in office when he resumes off.

According to him: “I have served in the Federal Government of Nigeria for the past seven years. And in those seven years, I have been involved because the president considered it the right thing to do.

In his generosity and openness, he gave me every opportunity to serve, including very sensitive international assignments.

“As you know, I also acted as president during specific periods when the president was away on medical vacation. Everything that I learned as vice president, and everything that I have learnt as acting president, has prepared me to run as president of our country and function as president of our country.

“God does not make a mistake. God is deliberate in everything that He does. And by giving all those opportunities, every one of the opportunities that I have, to see for myself, to understand governance for myself at the highest level of our country’s governance, to be exposed to everything – local and international, at the highest levels of governance in our country.

“All of it was not just that I would sit down and write my memoirs. No. It’s to come in handy one day. I believe that time has come, and I have a responsibility to my country. I have the responsibility to you, to all our children, and the coming generations; to give all of what I have learnt, everything I have learnt, all of the service I have given, to be able to give it to our country and to serve our country faithfully, honestly and transparently. That is my intention.

” He stressed.Osinbajo had, on April 11, declared his intention to run for the President on the platform of the All Progressive Congress. Earlier, the vice president had paid a visit to the Olubadan of Ibadanland, Oba Lekan Balogun, at his Alarere residence to seek his support and blessings ahead of the poll.

He said: “Nigeria needs all willing to serve to attain her potential. I have come to Ibadan to confer with the party delegates on my intention to run for the Presidency, which I formally declared for on the 11th of April this year.

“Kabiyesi, I know that you are no more a politician though it is said that we are all political animals. Your position as the father of all precludes Your Imperial Majesty from being active. So, I covet your prayers and want to assure Your Majesty that wherever I may be, your highly respected position is guaranteed.

”“I’m happy for the people of Ibadan; Kabiyesi is a great gift to Ibadan and the nation in general,” he added.

In response, Oba Balogun prayed for the ambition of the vice-president ahead of the race.

“We are proud of you and share your aspiration. I don’t want to be tempted to talk politics, and I can spend hours praying for you, but just let me hand you over to the Almighty Allah to take total control and be with you and your entourage.” Oba Balogun prayed.

Meanwhile, as the presidential aspirants continue visitation seeking support, the ruling party has said it will be holding its primary election next month.

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