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Oxlade Reacts As A Fan Tells Him To Be Security Conscious When Visiting His Hood

Oxlade shared the moment he visited his hood, Surulere, where he was surrounded by excited fans. In the video, his fans couldn’t stop embracing him out of excitement and there was no restraint against them.

Out of concern, a fan advised the singer to be conscious of his surroundings and carry at least 2 Mopol with him on his next visit.

“Street credibility but boy next time please carry one or 2 mopol gum body oh”, the fan adviced.

In response, Oxlade commented, “Carry Two Mopol go your family house when you wan go see your brothers”.

The fan, instead of picking offense from Oxlade’s reply instead clarified his initial statement, saying he knew Oxlade was well-loved by fans and has street credibility in Surulere but one can’t be sure of their enemies and should always be on guard.

“Bro I know that your people and your hood love you and you got street cred back home… I have that too and can walk anytime in my hood but sometimes we need extra protection because he very lizard dey walk with their belly on the ground. W no go know the one wey belle dey pain…Just an advice Oxy for your security… No hard feelings”, the fan wrote.

Oxlade has grown into fans favourite and has garnered him a legion of fans in a relatively short time which he maintains in his daily life. He openly references his past growing up in Mushin, his grandmother “I am a grandma boy!” he often says.

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