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Oye Kyme apologizes to Bobrisky after her near-death experience

Bobrisky’s former PA,  Oye Kyme, has apologized to the crossdresser for what transpired between them after she survived a near-death experience.

The feud started after Oye took to her social media page to call out the crossdresser, claiming that she was locked behind the shadows within her time of working for the crossdresser. Not stopping there, she accused Bob of brutalizing and violating her. She also revealed that Bobrisky was romantically involved with socialite, Mompha, a revelation that got very messy.

After the series of altercations with Bob, it was reported that Oye passed away from COVID-19 complications.

Although, Oye first broke the news of her diagnosis in an Instagram post where she wrote, “Unfortunately I’ve tested positive for the coronavirus. Yesterday after taking the vaccine, I fell severely ill. The following morning, I was rushed to the hospital where they broke the news that I was infected with the virus.

I’m completely heartbroken and my whole family and I are shocked and disgusted. It’s essential for me to take care of myself and rid myself of the virus. So I’m coming off social media for a while. I don’t know how long but I need to be away for my health.”

This was Oye’s last post before the viral rumours of her passing. The rumour bearers had attributed the news to Blessing, whose social media comment suggested she was mourning Oye.

However, in a subsequent post, Blessing further clarified that Oye was only in a coma, not dead as rumoured.

“She isn’t dead, she is in a coma. I only wrote ‘wake up’ cus she’s not been responding for hours. You guys should stop already. You take everything for clout chasing.”

Meanwhile, in between her on and off health issues, Bobrisky put their differences aside to wish her a quick recovery.

Oye has now returned to Instagram to apologize to Bobrisky, sharing a screenshot of a private message she sent to Bobrisky and the response she got.

She shared on her story ;

“This life, you never know when you are going to die, so be in good terms with everybody”.

She then proceeded to slide into Bobrisky’s DM to tender an unreserved apology.

“I tried to send you a message on my main page but it seem we blocked each other, I am sorry for everything and I just want to move on with my life and live in peace”.

Bobrisky then replied, ” Love you”.

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