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P-square Finally Reconciled After Years Apart, As Fans Took To Social Media To Remind Them Of Their Hit Songs Together.

When Nigerians want something, they go all in to get it. Lets just hope this will work out for them this time as they are on a mission to bring back the old P-square brothers together.


P-square trending at #1 on twitter was the utmost trend of the day, this was as a result of the BBNaija House vibing to their good old days melodies, which they nailed word for word.

Well that was just a tip as the trend went viral, down to fans who have even forgotten about them went back to download their songs and vibing to every hit songs dropped by the then P-square.

The busy body brothers Peter and Paul Okoye split up as a group in 2016 after series of fights that made headlines on various blogs and on social media as well. The square brothers went their separate ways as they pushed their brand individually, Peter going with Mr.p and Paul going by the name Rudeboy.

Mr.P who back then took to social media to drop a message that himself and his twin brother Paul are in good terms, has been reminded to do a song with each other if really there is no beef.

Of a truth, there are both doing well individually, as it is difficult for you to tell the difference between the two of them who sings better.

That question is still on our lips till date as both brothers still sound like though from their vibes you’ll get to tell who is singing as at when and who isn’t. Though Paul has always been said to be the main character among the duo, while Peter does more of the dancing.

Many think they are better off together and should get back to making good music together as they also, took a moment remind them of their glorious days.

Are we still settling on that boat or they both still sounds alike as they are both talented at what they do? Do you think the P-square Brothers will ever come back together?

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