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P-Square To Host a 3-Hour Special Reunion Concert

After much suspense, finally, the moment everyone has been waiting for has arrived as the formerly separated music duo, Peter and Paul Okoye announced a reunion concert where they’d be performing as ‘P-square’ yet again.

The duo who recently reunited and celebrated their 40th birthday together, have announced that they will be putting together a special 3-hour reunion concert at the Livespot Festival, leaving fans to anticipate the magic they’d unleash. The reunion concert will be held on Saturday, the 18th of December at the Livespot Entertainment Center.

P-Square made its mark with its music and trademark dance moves since the early 2000s. Literally, all their songs in the early days were bangers and they continued this trend until their split in 2017, for reasons still undisclosed.

After their split, they began a journey in their solo careers as Peter rebranded himself as Mr. P while Paul became Rudeboy. However, as they marked their 40th birthday, they decided to end their 4-year feud and come back with a typical P-Square hit song, as anticipated.

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