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PART ONE: Duncan Mighty Shares Confession Of His Estranged Wife Vivian, Plotting To Kill Him.

Nigerian singer Duncan Mighty has reportedly shared an audiotape of his wife Vivian allegedly confessing to having gone all spiritual on Duncan Mighty.

Vivian stated that she could do that through her sister’s help, all to get him “Duncan” back, as she suspected he might have been cheating on her with other women.

Duncan mighty shared the audio tape on his YouTube channel, which he captioned “Confession Part One.”

The voice alleged to have been that of Vivian’s, admitted she had gone to a native doctor with her sister after telling her about her dream of Duncan cheating on her.

She further explained that the native doctor had revealed to her and her sister that a woman was distracting her husband, “Duncan Mighty,” and she should bring some items like his shirts and short.

She also stated the native doctor asked her to sweep the floor when he comes in and bring the sand from his feet for her carry out an ‘assignment.’

Though the voice, which is alleged to have been that of Vivian, stated that she couldn’t have continued with the rituals, she was asked to pay over five hundred thousand Naira to complete the process.

Listen to the video below;

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