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Pastor Adigun Debunks Actress Juliana Olayode’s allegations

Pastor Timi Adigun of The Ark Church and the coordinator of MINE Teenage Ministry have reacted to the allegations leveled against him by Nollywood actress, Olayode Juliana aka Toyo Baby.

Juliana had accused Pastor Timilehin Adigun of sexually molesting her sister. She accused Pastor Adigun of allegedly inviting her sister over from school, lodged her in a hotel, and touched her inappropriately.

“You touched my sister, Timilehin Adigun, I was so upset. I am so upset because you promised not to touch her. When I saw signs and told you about it, you said I was overthinking things because I knew your weakness.

I told you, that you must not touch this girl, What did you do? You told her to come all the way from a school outside Lagos, lodged her in a hotel for three days, watched her take her bath, touched her, sending her your nudes and you even begged her to have anal sex with her,” Juliana allege.

In response to Juliana’s allegations, Adigun wrote, “For those concerned for me and asking me to stop responding, if I was brought before a court, I would have to talk or my lawyer would talk.

I have been brought before a social media jury. I have to speak the truth but it is still up to individuals to choose what to believe.

That said, I want to make it public here that I am ready to stand before any court or panel and I am ready to be investigated.

When you know you have told the truth, there is no more fear. I NEVER sexually abused anyone! I have facts, figures, and dates. What I was guilty of, I owned up to and apologized for. The next I want to see is a subpoena.

I will continue on social media and continue building my businesses and ministry. This is a distraction I have no time for. I will not be posting on this again.”

The actress had accused the pastor who used to be her spiritual father of allegedly taking control of her social media accounts and locking her out. She alleged that Timi Adigun impersonated her on Facebook, uploaded a picture of him and his wife, and at some point unpublished her Facebook page, which affected her Instagram account.

The man of God further stressed that the actress disrespected him by coming to his church and calling him by his first name.

In his three-part-video on his Instagram page, he also added that he knew some secrets about the actress but would not want to expose 

The pastor said;

“You are my daughter, I know secrets about you that the world doesn’t know but I won’t do that, telling the world about your flaws….you blocked me everywhere so I unpublished your Facebook page for you to calm down and get over your issues with me… but I did not delete it, why will I destroy something I built.”

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