PDP Accuses APC of funding malicious social media posts

Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, the national chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, has charged the APC with funding malicious social media posts.

This was stated in a statement that Simon Imobo-Tswam, Special Adviser to the National Chairman for Media and Communications, signed on Friday in Abuja on behalf of his principal.

He said, “One post (from one Lawal Garba, but purporting to be from the PDP national chairman) states that Ayu says he cannot  talk to a man who ‘cannot father a child!’

“Another post, with a photograph of Wike and a lady with some children (from Igbere TV), claims that the governor is not ‘the biological father of his three kids.”

“Nothing can be more diabolical, senseless and amateurish. Descending so low is neither in Ayu’s character nor nature.

“Those planting these stories against the PDP and her national chairman show their lack of intelligence.

“We state, categorically and without equivocation, that the posts are completely false. Even the inelegant construction of the posts puts them beneath Ayu.

“Dr. Ayu never said anything after Wike’s statements yesterday and does not intend to say anything in response.“

He further said, “This is even more senseless as the national chairman has met Gov. Wike’s children a number of times.

“We advise the APC and other mischievous people engaged in this shameful criminal enterprise to be more professional next time.

“As for the Lawal Garba and Igbere TV, if they do not desist from this evil path, we may be forced to invite security agents into the matter.“

As you may recall, Ayu was accused of being unappreciative and stealing money intended for the national chairmanship campaigns by Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike.

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