PDP Chieftain calls for Power Change

A Peoples Democratic Party PDP chieftain in Cross River State, Ojong Ogbor, has said the problems Nigeria is facing is a result of mismanagement of the country by past leaders, explaining that those who caused the issues can not be the ones to solve them.
Agbor stated this in a statement on Tuesday in Ibadan. In his opinion, anyone contesting for the upcoming presidential race should be someone who is in tune with the new realities of governance. According to him, the next President of Nigeria should not be more than 65-year-old.

“If you have been part of the Presidency either as President (Military or elected) or Vice President in the last 40 years, you should just excuse us.”
“Let the present generation of Nigerians take over control of the country in 2023 so that the country can be fixed and secured for the future generations.”

He noted that past Federal Government leaders, including the sitting President Muhammadu Buhari, led the administration put the country in a mess that won’t be cleaned even if allowed to remain in power for 50 years.

“My position is simple, those who caused our problems as a country cannot be the ones to solve it.”
“We have those who have been around in the political arena since like 40 years ago, what are they still looking for?”
“Nigerians who will be 18 years in 2023 were born in 2005 while those who will be 24 years were born in 1999. This means that like 30 percent of those who will be voting in 2023 were born between 1999 and 2005.”

“It also means that those who were just two years old in 2007 will be 18 years in 2023 and will be voting,” he said.
He lamented that it won’t be nice to have Nigerians who are 20 years now to vote for those in charge of the country when their mothers and fathers were much younger. He added that the mistakes of the past should not be repeated.

“Nigerians made the mistake in 2015 and we are all paying for it now. In 2023, it should be a no-no for those Nigerians who have ruled us before,” he said.

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