PDP is the Only Political Party in the Country – Atiku

The All Progressives Congress won’t endure past the general elections in 2023, according to Peoples Democratic Party presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar.

The former vice president made the statement at the National Youth Campaign Council’s inauguration on Thursday in Abuja, which was presided over by Senator Ademola Adeleke, the incoming governor of Osun State, who was represented by Mohammed Maibasira, a former national youth leader.

According to Atiku, the PDP is the only political party in Nigeria. He called the APC an “alliance” rather than a party.

“To be honest, PDP is the only political party in the country. APC is not a political party, it is an alliance between the CPC and Tinubu’s party, and we have seen how alliances in this country have disappeared overnight. I don’t think APC would survive after this election, and we will vote them out come 2023.

Regarding the theme of enduring democracy, Atiku stated, “Some of us gave our all to fight for the democracy we have in Nigeria. For the freedom of expression, travel, and everything else we take for granted today, many people gave their lives.

The establishment of a youth council by the PDP, according to Atiku, is a milestone in the party’s efforts to establish further and uphold democracy in the nation.

He gave members of the youth campaign committee instructions to mobilise youth and allay their concerns about the APC’s performance over the previous seven years to work for the party’s victory at the state and local government levels.

He added, “PDP is making history in the sense that we are the first political party in the country to inaugurate a youth council. But this is not a surprise because we are the oldest political party in the history of Nigeria.

The PDP presidential candidate asserted that his party would allow young people the freedom to pursue any career path they choose, adding that his five-program platform would address all of the nation’s issues.

Present at the inauguration was the vice-presidential candidate, Governor Ifeanyi Okowa; the presidential campaign director, Governor Aminu Tambuwal; the National Chairman of the Party, Iliyasu Damagum, and some former governors. Some of the national working committee members, the national youth leader and his deputy, representatives of Bayelsa, and Edo states, among other party faithful.

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