PDP National Secretary Refute Malicious Claim Attributed to Him

Sen. Samuel Anyanwu, the PDP’s national secretary, has refuted a fake and malicious claim from a fabricated interview he purportedly gave to the media and in which he allegedly explained why he had “distanced himself” from Rivers State Governor Nyesom Wike.

He claimed that he had given his lawyers the go-ahead to take the required action in response to the false and nasty story that was made out to be about him.

Sen. Samuel Anyanwu encouraged the public to ignore the false news, saying it was the product of petty power brokers attempting to sour relations with Nyesom Wike, the governor of Rivers State.

The PDP National Secretary claimed he was aware that large sums of money had been given to slanderers with the express purpose of damaging his reputation in the state and provoking conflict with party members and supporters.

Below is a press statement, Tuesday signed by Ikenna Onuoha, Media Aide to the PDP National Secretary: “The attention of the National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Senator Samuel Anyanwu, has been drawn to a fictitious report in some section of the social media, claiming that he granted a media chat during which he purportedly stated that he had distanced himself from Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers state.

For the avoidance of doubt, Sen. Anyanwu did not grant any form of media interview, chat or interaction at the Cathedral of Transfiguration of Our Lord (CATOL) Owerri before, during or after the celebration of the 80th Birthday Anniversary of a foremost nationalist, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. As such, he could not have made any statement on Governor Wike as purported by the report.”

Continuing, “The said report is false, malicious, and an extreme act of wicked mischief by desperate power seekers who seek to pitch Sen. Anyanwu against Governor Wike and cause disaffection in the PDP for their selfish gain.

“It is therefore shocking that the writer of the fabricated report went to the extent of concocting fictitious quotations and ascribed same to Sen. Anyanwu to give his libelous story a semblance of fact.

“Sen. Anyanwu, as the National Secretary, cannot, has not and will never distance himself from any leader in the Party, let alone Governor Wike, who remains a prominent leader of our party who has made an immense sacrifice for the sustenance of the Party.”

“Mr . Onuoha said that investigation has shown that one Mr Chuks Egemba, who was an appointee in the Short-Lived administration of the PDP in the state, was the source of the fictitious report, and that the National Secretary has already instructed his lawyer’s necessary action.

“In any event, our investigation has revealed where this reprehensible report emanated from. Information at our disposal showed that the writer, Chuks Egemba, was appointed to the short-lived seven-month administration in Imo state.

“We are also aware of how huge sums of money have been released to hack writers to tarnish Sen. Anyanwu’s image and bring him to disrepute in the eyes of the public and among his political associates.

“The National Secretary has already instructed his lawyers to commence necessary action with security agencies for redress over this libellous report in line with our extant laws, including those against the dissemination of fake news.

“We urge the public, leaders and members of the PDP and the media to disregard the report as completely false and product of the twisted imagination of a wicked soul and their sponsors.”

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