Peace and Unity Needed to Win Elections- Samdaddy Anyanwu

The national reconciliatory committee of the People Democratic Party, PDP led by Hon Austin Opara, has reconciled Samdaddy Anyanwu and former governor of Imo state, Emeka Ihedioha.

Anyanwu, the Senator who represented Imo East Senatorial District, disclosed this while clarifying the reconciliation of opposing camps in the party yesterday in Owerri.

He stated that the reconciliation is aimed at ensuring the party wins the forthcoming election in the state.

According to him, peace and unity are needed by a party to win elections and urged party stakeholders to respect each other rights as victory is sure in agreement.

He said: “Disunity remains a significant draw-back to victory, assuring that now that the party has reconciled opposing camps, the 2023 elections would be a walk-over for the party.

“What brings crisis is when party leaders are not accorded the respect due to them. It is only a foolish child that tries to destroy his father’s home. Now that we are back again as one indivisible and indissoluble entity, all hands must be on deck to realize the core mandate of PDP not only in Imo State but Nigeria at large.

He emphasized the need to live peaceably and encouraged all to unite to achieve a common goal.

“Today, no one should see each other as the enemy, just like I will not see my brother, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha as an enemy or a stranger, because, our leaders have made it possible for all of us to unite again for a common goal.”

Anyanwu added: “The only thing we have in Imo today is one PDP. This party belongs to all of us, and it will be foolish of any of us to destroy the good legacies the party has laid because of selfish interests. Everyone should come back to revive and revamp our identity. Tomorrow is pregnant, and no one knows what it will deliver.

“All PDP stakeholders should always respect party members no matter how lowly or highly placed, saying that peace and unity remain healthier for a party instead of disunity, rancour and acrimony.”

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