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“People Are Abusing Me because I Married an Older Woman” -Actor Nze

Nollywood actor, Stanley Nze recently told BBC Pidgin that he has endured being abused for marrying a 42-year-old woman because this woman is his best friend and peace of mind.

Stanley Nze got married to his Nollywood sweetheart, Blessing Jessica Obasi on September 11, 2021, after keeping their relationship private for quite a while.

Speaking to BBC, Nze said that before he got married, people told him that his marriage would only last six months before they get into a fight but they vowed not to fight with each other for one year and it worked for them.

Despite the age difference, Nze said he married a woman with whom he would feel free and comfortable. He revealed that his wife is a funny woman and worldly woman and they are totally free with each other. 

Displaying their wedding photos on Instagram, Nze wrote: “Cheers to forever.” In another photo, Obasi wrote: “Asked heaven for a gift and they sent me you,” while in another, she wrote: “One day gone, forever to go.”

Speaking about their marital responsibilities, he said his wife is also a producer and actress in the film industry and that he doesn’t always have to wait for his wife to cook for him, simply because she’s his wife. He said if he wants to eat and his wife hasn’t cooked, he goes into the kitchen and have something fixed for them because the kitchen duties are not meant for his wife alone. The actor said he found peace and comfort in his marriage.

Regarding his career, Stanley Nze said that he previously dreamed of becoming a pilot. But then he changed his mind about studying medicine. He said medicine didn’t work for him and he ended up studying computer science in the university.

Stanley announced that when he told his family members that he wanted to become an actor, they initially discouraged him. He said today that he has achieved a lot in the film industry and has no regrets getting into the industry.

Stanley started his acting career in 2009 with a minor role in a television series, Private Sector which was followed by guest appearances in some other TV series. He got his first major role in 2013 – A bipolar serial killer in the movie, Murder At Prime Suites (MAPS).

However, Nze is best known for his portrayal of one of Nollywood’s most iconic characters, Ahanna in the 2020 Remake of Amaka Igwe’s classic, Rattlesnake.

In 2016 Stan got his first major nominations as a leading actor in a movie for his role David Nyama in the Judith Audu produced movie,’ Just Not Married’.

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