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Peruzzi Finally Apologizes after he angrily stormed out on his Waiting Fans

Peruzzi got the public talking over his recent unapologetic attitude towards his fans. The singer was scheduled to perform at an event but he kept people waiting and was not sober about it.

Apparently, Peruzzi was supposed to perform at a club in Osogbo by 12am but arrived by 4:13 am to angry waiting fans who asked him to apologise, but he refused. The singer was said to have angrily stormed out of the event and even broke the club’s mic. 

A video shared online actually captured Peruzzi throwing the microphone away whilst angrily walking out of the club as the crowd scolded him and booed him saying ‘comot for here’.

A certain young man said to be the hypeman of the club confirmed the story, adding that Peruzzi ordered his men to shoot at him. 

Peruzzi faced heavy backlash for refusing to apologize to the angry crowd and he fueled the rage with the video he released shortly afterwards, taunting Netizens and the said Hypeman. In the video, he repeated the words,  “I’m a moving train, Stand in front of me and I will crush you”.

Peruzzi, having realized the tremor he had created online, decided to apologize and give reasons for showing up late. He apologized for his unruly behavior and for disappointing and disrespecting his Osogbo fans.

He revealed that he had a show in Lagos that day and couldn’t make it on time for the club event. He said that his team had earlier informed the club about his busy schedule and they were okay with it. He also implied that a certain hype man was behind his outburst after he stopped him from performing. Peruzzi sincerely apologized and promised his Osogbo fans another show.

“My sincere apology to the real fans in Osogbo who came out for me. I really came out for y’all. Before my team agreed to the club event , they were notified that we had a show in Lagos same day and so we would leave after the show (which we did) & they agreed.

The show was going great still as the fans were happy to see me. No Hypeman should stop any performance for no reason. We got videos of how litt y’all was already and how amazing it would’ve been… So we get to do it again”, Peruzzi wrote, accompanied with a blue love emoji.

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