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Pete Edochie speaks on women’s obsession with plastic surgery

Pete Edochie has expressed his sincere disgust at women’s obsession with cosmetic surgery, most importantly, butt enlargement surgeries.

In a chat with Ada Karl TV, the veteran actor said he doesn’t mind being insulted but he would be like to know the reason women are so obsessed with artificials.

In his words, “Today it is difficult to find a girl who is still what she is. You were false heair. You wear false lashes, you wear false boobs, you wear false asses. I don’t know what is still natural about you. Let’s be honest. 

Why must our girls be obsessed with these things? I don’t know. I want them to insult me and tell me why they love those things. I don’t mind being insulted. I am used to it. Some girls now die when they try to inflate their asses. 

May the good lord help us”.

Pete has talked about other social issues in the past. In one of the actor’s interview, Pete advised women to creatively find a way to discourage their husbands from cheating.

“Solomon had 1000 wives and 700 concubines. If a man decides to take many more wives, what are you going to do? Nothing. If you think your husband is going out to have an affair, put a packet of condoms in his bag. When he sees it, he’ll know you have his interest at heart,” he said.

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