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Peter and Paul Okoye called out for Abandoning their Impoverished sister

Peter and Paul Okoye of the defunct Psquare group, have been exposed of abandoning their blood sister to penury.

An anonymous narrator made this revelation to a popular blog, gistlovers. The narrator said Psquare’s sister, Lilian Oby sells kunu for a living and her life is not as rosy as her brother’s. Lilian is said to have taken to the streets to seek people’s support and financial assistance since her brothers refused to offer a helping hand.

The narrator said Lilian is on the verge of becoming homeless, as her landlord threatened to throw her into the streets if she doesn’t pay her r not in due time.

Sharing screenshots from the chat with the narrator, gistlovers wrote, “Peter and Paul them get a message for Una o, then say make Una take care of home before impressing the street o. I just say make I tell Una before hunger go kee Una sister o, I come in peace”.

Peter Okoye recently bagged an honorary doctorate degree in Arts from a renowned university in the Benin Republic. We are yet to find out why the celebrity brothers will abandon their own blood amidst their affluence and influence in society at large.

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