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Police Storms Kemi Olunloyo’s Apartment After Messy Fight with Tonto Dikeh

From the horse’s mouth, self-acclaimed journalist Kemi Olunloyo has disclosed that the Nigerian police force had stormed her house to make an arrest, after her social media drama with Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh.

It all started after Kemi Olunloyo had an Instagram live session with her ex-boyfriend, Prince Kpokpogri over his demolished building.  Kpokpogri revealed to Kemi that Tonto had no hand in the demolition of his apartment like she paraded herself to be. In response to this, Kemi trashed the actress for clout chasing Kpokpogri’s predicament.

In the video, Kemi Olunloyo claimed that Tonto Dikeh was only bragging and was not behind the demolished building. She went on to call the actress a clout chaser for trying to feed the public with a ‘power image’.

In response to the video, Tonto Dikeh took to her social media story to shade Kemi Olunloyo with threats of sending her to jail.

Tonto Dikeh in a post shared on her Instagram page on Saturday night said she’s currently in Lagos and dared Kemi Olunloyo for a public fight over the series of allegations against her.

Laughing over the issue, Kemi Olunloyo described the actress as ‘Radio without battery’. Kemi Olunloyo added that Tonto Dikeh is only clout chasing and urged her to heal herself.

She wrote: Live scores, Kemi Olunloyo 5-0 Tonto Dikeh. Radio without battery, Tonto Dikeh did not show up. Who leaves a young boy at home to travel to Lagos to beat a veteran journalist? Nothing but clout, Hear yourself.”

In a swift turn, Kemi cried out on Instagram, revealing that some Police officers stormed her house to make an arrest and she honestly thought it was Tonto Dikeh’s handwork.  Fortunately, the policemen didn’t come for her but for her neighbor who they claimed was harboring a female they were looking for.

According to her, Tonto Dikeh would have claimed she ordered the arrest and rejoiced at her downfall if she had come online like Kpokpogri to lament over it.

Narrating her ordeal, Olunloyo wrote,

“Yesterday at 2pm Sunday, May 22nd 2022 @nigerianpoliceforce stormed my compound showed ID ti the gateman and they were looking to arrest someone. My son told me to leave the balcony, come in and let them knock if Tonto ordered them. I stood up at that very balcony watching them. I messaged the landlord who thought Tonto actually wanted to arrest me for calling her a clout chaser. My landlord for one of my neighbours who they claimed was harbouring a female they were looking for. Both were arrested with cops brandishing AK47’S.

I wished my neighbour good luck and told his brother to call a lawyer as they took him and the lady away. Now imagine if I had tweeted it LIVE saying “Police have stormed my compound”. Tonto will come out rejoicing saying she “ordered the arrest.

You see the Gid I worship never lets me down. Or fails to go protect me from evil. Ever since Ibiyeomie had 14 officers surround my home in Ibadan in 2017, I vowed that nobody will ever disturb my peace again. I’m not a fan of posting DM’s however I want to thank @bobrisky222 and @realyomifabiyi for supporting what I stand for. I fear nobody but God”

Meanwhile, Kemi also shared screenshots of her chat with Bobrisky, revealing how Bobrisky supported her during her fears. In the chat, Bob clearly told Kemi, “Tonto is a bullshit. She can’t do nothing, She’s just trash”

Kemi probably thought she was doing more good than harm by sharing the DMs but we know she just ended up triggering the long-standing feud between Bobrisky and Tonto Dikeh. It is evident that Tonto Dikeh is not one to take the back seat in a fight. Stay tuned for her to come back.

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